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Originally Posted by TWCLAM View Post
How long does a DDoS attack go on for? Over 24hrs now that I've been getting the cloudflare pop up every time I do anything. Wish i'd thought to come look for this before losing substantial reply posts to it. Hope the IT bods can get it sorted sooner rather than later.
As IBobi has said up thread, there really is nothing the IT bods can do other than sit the attack out. At some point it'll stop, and the message won't appear. As might have been gathered from other posts, no-one is immune from having to be filtered through the protection 'gate' - including all the moderators.

The alternative to having to wait a few seconds to get in is that the site is taken down completely for an unspecified and unknown period of time - that's a much bigger disaster. On balance, I would say this is the right and practical approach.
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