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Originally Posted by s0me0nesmind1 View Post
Interesting. And yeah, the DFW is the one I was going to go for - simply because it just has way more first class. More first class = more likely to have extra space to be upgraded was my line of thinking.

When you say "stickers" are you referring to the 500 mile upgrades ? If so I can understand why, it's a stupid name.

I also saw the miles + copay award on the website and tried to understand the details, but it didn't answer most of my questions.... So if I pay for the miles + copay, do I automatically (for sure) get the upgrade? Or am I on a waiting list until a certain time? And if so, what happens if there is nothing left? Do I get a refund for the miles+copay? Based on the seating for the flight I'm eyeing, it's already down to only side seats (~10 - 12 total). Obviously couples booking the 2 middle.

I'm surprised you say to use the hotel points in Maui - everything seems overpriced. Best I can find is 20,000 for starwoods - and even those seem like a bit much.
1. Stickers = 500 mile upgrades. They used to be stickers or something at some point. So they are used interchangeably here and elsewhere.
2. Miles + Copay comes out of a fare bucket C. If you have an Expert Flyer membership, you can check if C inventory is available. If it is available, miles + copay will clear immediately. (SWU/System Wide Upgrades that EXPs and CKs get are the same bucket). If C = 0, you will be waitlisted. This will then clear in order of status and rolling EQD like all other upgrades. Typically C is released before R (500 miles upgrades) so miles + copay has a better chance (in my experience) of clearing than 500 milers.

You will not be charged unless it clears. If you do not clear, there is no deduction.

3. Hotels are a lot of points. But hotels are pretty bad $$$ wise in OGG as well. So fair point. I save my hotel points for SE Asia and stuff. But, based on the numbers above, I'd use them on hotels than burning all the points for the flight on an Anytime award
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