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Originally Posted by midnightmartini View Post
This thread has been an insightful read! Lots of interesting perspectives here.

OP, glad you are happy with your choice.

I was unaware that this many US/Nordic companies mandate Y travel for long haul.

Does anyone know if this is the norm for Swiss banks as well?
I'm not an expert here but to me there seems to be not only a geographical split but also dependant on industry.

When my company stopped J travel (except for VPs) they cited a bunch of other companies in our sector who had done the same.

So the way I look at it is that if I want to travel J I need to move sector or aggressively negotiate when getting hired.

The sectors that spring to mind for a more generous approach to travel policy would be banking, Fintech, Pharma, Legal, online gambling.

Personally I need to evaluate if I want to move from doing something I consider meaningful to working in one of the above sectors (I am sure there are more).
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