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Originally Posted by YOWCDNFF View Post
On the "free alcoholic" stuff. Most hotel chains within North America have now been charging for drinks in their lounges for quite a while.
It's interesting. I don't go to North America that often, maybe once or twice per year. But I have seen that the Marriott/Hilton lounges tended to charge for alcohol in the lounges, but just kind of assumed that was because they are 'upscale' hotels, whereas my impression was that Fairmont was marketed as 'luxury' and the times I have stayed at Ritz Carltons, etc. even in the states, I feel like they had free alcohol. And if Fairmont was competing with Marriott/Hilton, I wouldn't think much of it, but my understanding is they are more competing with Ritz Carlton type hotels and so I guess that is why I am surprised.

I really do find it interesting that people do seem to feel that they are often quite special, because this just strikes me as unnecessary penny-pinching, which is not something I normally associate with luxury hotel stays, and makes me wonder where else they try to save a few quid.
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