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For me, there are some properties where I always book Fairmont Gold, and some where I just don't care for it. For example, at Fairmont Tremblant, there are only 18 Gold rooms and 2 Gold suites on the top floor (which is smaller than the other floors). And, there are only King rooms on the floor; no Queen/Queen rooms holding 4 people. This means a very high level of service from the staff, and the lounge will rarely be crowded and often is nearly empty. If every guest decided to have breakfast at the same time, they would all get a seat. The service levels are top notch. The staff in the lounge even remember how we took our coffee from our previous visits.

I would hate to see the product watered down by opening up access to all Plat members, and I say this as a Plat member who would benefit from that access. I'll happily pay extra for the Gold product.

Now, moving to the opposite end of the spectrum, compare that to the Fairmont Banff Springs. I don't know how many rooms they have on the Gold floors (it's all of the 5th floor and about half the 4th), but I'm sure it's over 100. Sure, the lounge is larger to hold the expanded room count, and they actually have 2 lounges, and there are separate room-type areas within so it doesn't feel too expansive. And the food quality is excellent. And the décor and furnishings are top notch. However, I just feel it's too many guests to ever get a high level of service or a truly tranquil atmosphere. Besides, there are many great restaurants and lounges throughout the hotel that one can eat at. I'll book a regular 1-Bedroom Suite here instead of a Gold suite, and put the cash savings into some paid meals. Don't get me wrong, I won't say it's anywhere near as impersonal an elite airline lounge, but I think it's just too big, and is pushing beyond the limits of what the Fairmont Gold concept is supposed to be.

Again, I wouldn't want to see this opened up to all Plat members. The lounge is big and crowded enough with those who are paying for access. Adding more people who aren't staying in the gold rooms, is just going to make things worse.

Most of the Fairmont Gold offerings probably fit somewhere in between these two extremes.

Alcohol is free in some places. All lounges, wherever they are, have complimentary food and non-alcoholic drinks. I don't drink, so prefer the alcohol not be free, so I'm not subsidizing the drinkers through a higher room rate!

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