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Originally Posted by joe_miami View Post
It's hard to imagine movie-theater popcorn getting to the point of a chargeback.

My guess is that this wasn't the first time the OP had initiated a chargeback, either.
Who knows. Until OP comes back to give more details, there will be all sorts of speculation.

If you go way back on this thread you would find FT member jk2 has a very legit dispute (the merchant delivered an inferior and different product versus what he ordered), that has triggered closure. But jk2 has had multiple Chase closures anyway. His experiences with Chase are quite interesting to read if you so incline.

In the Citi forum, there was a thread over a year ago or even longer, also with similar scenario - a dispute on a duplicate charge from the merchant and led to account closure. IIRC it was the first time the cardholder disputed a charge which showed up on his card twice for something he ordered. Merchant supplied one invoice showing the order but the problem was, merchant charged his card twice. What are you going to do?
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