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Originally Posted by frenchft View Post
What kind of document they can ask for... ?
Anyway the main issue here (as always) is related to the army of greedy morons who opened 10 accounts (including of for their cat an dog). I bet they face a lot of weird accounts / duplicated.
This could actually make a lot of sense! There are a lot of people who created 4 - 5 different accounts to purchase 40-50 tickets as Iberia's website doesn't have any indentity confirmation so you could make up 10 different users. Since all that matter is the Avios, this could be very possible since you can redeem to anyone.

It would make a lot of sense for Iberia to send a form and ask you to provide with a scan of your passaport or other government ID because this way they would save many Avios from fake accounts.
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