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Originally Posted by hungry View Post
Itís the fact that I am 6ft7 and I know itís a gamble getting row 1, but I had it and was looking forward to a plesent flight home. Now itís going to be miserable.

further, I was in row 2 so the whole thing has made it worse, if they had bumped me back to row 2, fair dos.

And lastly, the fact BA donít even have the courtesy to tell you or answer my calls when I try and find out, really bad customer service.
Welcome to the world of BA.

Have a look when you board and see who is sat there.

I am sure you will get the full gamut of excuses including the seat was broken but repaired in time for a BA staffer to be say there, or multiple changes or aircraft, or just some "operational need" (translate as someone more important than you). And occasionally there will be a genuine one too such as someone with a disability.

In reality just let it go, you will wind yourself up trying to get to the bottom of it as BA is unlikely to give you a straight or honest answer.
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