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Originally Posted by Fliar View Post
Well, this is starting to become Kafka-esque...I followed the advice above and received quick replies and promises it would be looked into. Then after a few requests for information I received one that said I would be contacted. That didn't happen so I tweeted again asking them to follow-up. After several more days I received this bizarre message:

"Hi Hayo, Our Customer Relations team informed us that theyve already addressed your concern. As they represent the main authority in handling customer complaints, Im afraid I wont be able to add any further comments from my end. Id be more than happy to help you with any other queries you may have. <name deleted> Emirates Social Media Team"

I just replied saying I have never heard anything from anyone...

This is just becoming incredible.

If anyone has anymore suggestions I would be very, very grateful. It has now taken 8 months and I have still not been able to get a meaningful answer/information from anyone at EK.
Have you called? And when you do and they fob you off saying they'll contact you ask to speak to a team leader or supervisor as you'd like it addressed immediately since you've never been contacted after previous promises. Ask them if there is an internal ombudsman or industry body you can file a complaint with (mainly just to see if it leads them to take it a little more seriously)
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