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Originally Posted by wolfie52
I have to laugh, I read dozens of post about a free drink on MCE...could have kept going, Funny thing is as a regular passenger I have ordered a beer several times and where I hold up my credit card and the FA just shakes their head to decline it.

I don't sweat the small stuff and things usually work out...

Frankly there are many people on here that need to get a life and stop worrying about your "entitlements".
Great for you that you've been so fortunate to get a freebee once in a while. I've been given comps, and I suspect many other "regular" passengers also have. Your free beer is nothing unique or special so no - none of us sweat these things much either.

But this is a new policy that AA has advertised and marketed heavily...they want to attract Delta passengers who may be on the fence about a flight that - all things considered equal - one offers comp booze and the other doesn't. Their data shows that some people value that. AA would NEVER have matched their MCE benefits to the DL Comfort + benefits. It's only a matter of time before the MCE cabin is part of the upgrade pecking order.

The worst thing a company, especially an airline, is have an inconsistent product due to lack of frontline training. That's really the core of any complaints about the comp alcoholic beverage policy in MCE.
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