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Originally Posted by k5xs View Post
I received from DAL today a "Stay on top of TSA changes" email this morning offering tips on how to stay on top of "the busy summer travel season."

Among those tips was "For your upcoming domestic flight please plan to arrive at least 2 hours before departure..."

For domestic trips I generally arrive one hour prior to push, and the two-hour suggestion strikes me as over the top. I suppose at some chronically slow airports, but I can't imagine in most cases getting there two hours early.

Am I being naive?

I got it too, I think somebody in marketing should have made an exemption for FO, GM, PM, and DM to NOT get this email. I think most of us know airport wait times better than the TSA itself.

This should have gone to people with no status, this email seems like one that was meant to inform people who fly once a year.
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