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LIG - Limoges (LGW service)
Rather to my surprise, LIG is on FLY, with full OLCI capabiliity, even more surprising is that the BA App boarding passes can be used there too, though it's not currently on the list of locations. Transferring back to back there requires going landside, but it's a very small airport, very little traffic, it has a LCY turning system so arriving passengers walk across the apron to the terminal building, no bus transfers, and though not as foolproof as airports with airside transits, it's not far off. The walking distance at LIG would be similar to an AMS back to back for example.

The relevance of this is that there are surprisingly few good B2B locations in France, should there be a good exFrance fare, they all involve going landside and many of the other small airports don't offer online check-in at all, let alone App boarding passes, so check-in has to be done at the airport 1 hour before departure and on a B2B there isn't the time for this. Larger airports such as MRS and LYS tend to put BA flights in the same area as flights to Turkey and North Africa, with resultant queues at passport and security controls. LIG has OLCI and the App boarding pass. The two downsides are that LIG has only 3 flights a week in summer from LGW, and I suspect LIG hasn't got a deep file of connecting longhaul fares. If you can't get an App boarding pass for the return for whatever reason, LGW should be able to issue a boarding pass on the way out.

So the process is arrive at LIG, wait for the stairs to be connected (front and back), walk across the apron into the terminal building. Up the stairs to passport control (same room as baggage reclaim) then out the door to landside, turn left past the short set of check-in desks, arrive at security control for departures. The departure area isn't big so they encourage people to go through fairly late into the process anyway.
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