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Originally Posted by ThatT1Feeling View Post
It's amazing how quickly Wifi has become normal.

I have been on Finnair, AA and BA in the last couple of weeks over 12 flight sectors. The only flights which didn't have Wifi were (all of) the BA flights - a 777, a 747 and a 320 - and it's already really frustrating.

On every other flight I was able to to work on shared documents in Google Docs and Dropbox and stay in touch with work and family through Whatsapp or SMS and it has rapidly become the norm (all on silent of course).

Am in JFK right now awaiting my flight in F on G-BYGF - the most expensive sector of my trip - and, of course, no Wifi.

I know that there may still be some doubters on this forum about WiFi, but you can't stop the march of technology and it's surprised me how quickly I have started to rely on it.
Unfortunate given how many super-hi J 747ís have WiFi, I think itís close to 50% of them have it. I donít see BA hitting itís target of 90% of the fleet by the end of the year given the 787 issues. 77Wís are a good bet for onboard WiFi, they are around 50% fitted too.

Iím more annoyed that SH is ready and I think all the aircraft have had WiFi installed, itís just not bloody switched on.
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