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This really seems like a nothing-burger.

Breakfast: Really, this is just a way to charge people for breakfast if they don't book through Hyatt. I doubt that the breakfast itself will change significantly.
Early check-in: I've checked in early plenty of times, and never had any issues. At airport locations, I've checked in as early as 8AM and they were fine with it.
Mobile Entry: They've been testing this for three years (GH San Fran and HR Bellevue). It was going to roll out at some point to some portion of properties. Pretty much the properties that already have the contactless (as opposed to the mag stripe) are pretty easy to switch over.
Exhale videos: Sure, I guess. They have exercise videos available on demand on the TV and on the phone app. I'd imagine these will likely get pushed out to all brands as well (since it doesn't cost them anything above what they'd be doing at HP).

So I'll give them that as long as you typically book through Hyatt (I mean, this is FT, so we all do, right?) this isn't a devaluation. I'm still not sure that this is a "different vision for the future" - the only really noticeable thing is that they're going to refresh the bedroom furniture?
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