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Originally Posted by NickB View Post
Can you be a bit more specific: other than hearsay and gossip, on what can you base yourself to be so certain as to "assure me" of this?

Personally, I follow the old adage that one should not attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence, lack of care and je-m'en-foutisme.
It is not hearsay or gossip. In one case, I was travelling with a top management guy of a top Asian airline in F. We had lot of time to chat waiting at the delivery belt where he was joined by the outstation (CDG) boss. Apparently the union/group wanted some compensation for better service. The second time was talking with the representative of an American airline, again at the delivery belt. This not gossip or hearsay but I do not wish to name the airlines.

Everyone is entitled to his opinion and mine is not favorable to CDG bag handlers.
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