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So the suspicion is that if someone drives for both Lyft and Uber, they could accept a Lyft ride request but pick up an Uber passenger along the way and charge the Lyft customer for both rides, while only charging the Uber customer for his/her open ride? I guess the good news is that you didn't have to share your ride with the other guy too.
Kind of happened to me in reverse. Requested short 11-mile ride but being Manhattan to Queens (Long Island City) it would be time-consuming. Showed the car 7 blocks away, but then I get a phone call saying in heavy accident English that he would be a few minutes late and all I could make out was LaGuardia. I asked "are you going to LGA? I'm just going over the bridge to LIC", he said "few minutes LGA". I said I was going to cancel the ride, he was like no don't cancel. On the map he was now going the opposite direction from me.

Snapped a screenshot and canceled the ride. I can only assume he was doing another rideshare company. Nothing happened with the cancel, no fees but switching to Lyft the cost had gone up significantly, a thunderstorm had started.
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