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Using rental cars to steal car parts!?

A first in my experience this holiday weekend. Have a week long rental out of OMA with National, wanted to exchange out of a SUV to a sedan/sport car during my rental and the agent said that no exchanges are allowed during a rental unless there is a mechanical issue. (I've never had issues exchanging cars at other bigger locations).

He told me this is apparently policy in certain locations because years past people would rent cars out, then steal/swap out parts from the rental car (including even an engine swap) and then come in to "exchange" the car out to a diff rental car and then returning the non-gutted rental car. And later they would discover the cars that were being exchanged were being used as a way for ppl to basically steal car parts.

Quite interesting to hear about this. Anyone else ever heard of these kinds of stories? (or if other rental car companies have similar policies?)

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