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Originally Posted by greggarious View Post
I'd look into a book on limit poker OP.

If you stick to LIMIT poker, you don't have to worry about going all in etc. Install the Bravo Poker app on your phone to see who's offering... IIRC the Golden Nugget has a game.

You can last longer in poker than many games since you aren't obligated to bet unless you're the small blind or big blind (2/8 or 2/10 decision points)
+1 to this. Mirage usually lays $3/$6 limit with a few tables going. There's also the $2/$4 game at the Flamingo but I don't recommend it for beginnersólots of local retirees use it as their social club and they will beat you every time. Mirage is all tourists and there's just not enough money at stake in a low-limit game to attract any pros so the games are pretty soft. Perfect for a beginner.

Skim Lee Jones' "Winning Low Limit Poker" before you go, play a tight game and you can enjoy the table for a long time on a $100 bankroll.
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