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The bag arrived yesterday at CNX and I picked it up this morning. Nothing was missing, except for the 2 DeWalt batteries. A note written in Chinese was in the bag, presumably their explanation on why they confiscated them. I'll file when I get back to the U.S. for compensation because the bag was missing for over 7 days. Hopefully, that will come close to paying for the batteries. By the way, on the claim check on the bag, it clearly lists my phone number and email address, which they never bothered to try. MU has the worst customer service of any airline that I've dealt with.
The bag was initially held by security at Shanghai (the Chinese paperwork left in the bag was from Shanghai) but I think that most of the time, the bag was sent on to Kunming and sat there until MU at BKK told them that I wanted bag sent to CNX, which they did on Saturday

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