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mrs-so3003 and I have recently welcomed mini-so3003 into the world We are both longstanding golds; mrs-so3003 renewed in February and I'll renew in September (only about 30 TPs short, which I'll easily make up before then anyway). Since most of our BA travel (and almost all of mrs-so3003's travel) is for leisure, with the drop in income this year we're likely to use our Avios / 241s etc rather than doing as much revenue travel. I understand BA now offer status hold for 1 year for new parents, and also give 1000 bonus Avios to the new child if added to the household account within 6 months of claiming the status hold. Some questions:

1) Will both mrs-so3003 and I be eligible for status hold for 12 months? (as opposed to just mrs-so3003)

2) If we are both eligible, will they process these as separate applications, ie mrs-so3003 applies now for her status hold while I wait until I renew in September for mine?

3) If I add mini-so3003 to the household account before applying for status hold, will they still credit the 1000 bonus avios? It won't break the bank if they don't, but every little helps (want to add him to the account to book a short avios trip in the next few weeks)

Thanks in advance for help.

I'm not sure of the answer to your questions, but the first thing is to get a clear sense of what a 'status hold' means, which is still unclear to me. Our son was born in November '17, and I applied for a status hold in March '18. My membership year ends on 8 May each year, and I'd already renewed Gold by March '18. But I was hoping for a status hold until May '19 (i.e. if I missed earning all the TPs I needed to maintain Gold by 8 May, '19, my status would still be held into the next TP-earning cycle).

Alas, no. This was the response:

Members who may be taking fewer or no flights during their maternity, paternity or adoption leave can apply to put their account on hold for a year, protecting hard-earned Executive Club Bronze, Silver or Gold status. I have checked your account for you today and can see that your current Gold Tier status is not due to expire until May 2018, and you have earned enough Tier Points to renew at Gold for your next Tier Point collection year. When we put an account on hold, the account can still be accessed and used as usual and the Tier Points that you have earned that year will still reset at the end of your current Tier Point collection year, however, the hold will ensure that you remain at the same Tier status for your next Tier Point collection year. As you will already hold Gold membership until May 2019, it is not necessary for us to place your account on hold for the duration of your leave.

So I'm thinking of applying again once my membership year starts over in a week or so. There doesn't seem to be a time limit on when one can apply for status hold after the birth of the child.

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