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DeWalt cordless batteries aren't lithium . I've taken them 6-7 times over the last 15 yeas to my house in Chiangmai, mainly on U.S. and Tapei carriers, with no problems. Most of what was in the suitcase are presents for friend in Chiangmai or clothes that I was going to leave in storage at my Chiangmai house. I don't want them returning the bag to me in the U.S. I would like the actual bag back. I won't blame MU over the security issue but they have now known about it for 11 days and it took an email from me (and 15-20 calls) to get them to respond. I'll call CNX lost baggage every day until Tuesday about noon to see if bag came in on morning Kunming flight. After Tuesday, I'll file a claim. If I fly MU in the future, I'll fly both directions through BKK and skip Kunming with the stopover. No batteries in luggage, either checked or cattyon (I had them in carry on up to arriving at KCI airport, where I asked TSA agent whether I should carry them in checked or carry on and decided to put them in Checked luggage).
A side question. I bring virtually nothing back to U.S., except for some toiletries and 3-4 pairs of Thai shorts. My Thai wife wants me to bring back Thai food, which her friend that lives here has already brought by enough to fill one suitcase. There is only processed food, no fruits or vegetables. I'll declare it at LAX and am prepared to spend some time in inspection but will I have a problem with China Eastern at Check in at BKK or will the bag not show up at LAX, sitting at Shanghai because of airport authorities? Thanks!

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These are Lithium-ion batteries ? Lithium Battery Transportation Safety China Eastern Airlines

If so, and they're deemed prohibited as luggage by KMG airport, how do you propose they get it to you @ CNX ?
the logical thing would for the Chinese to keep the batteries and send the bag with everything else. From what I understand, Chinese low level airport officials won't make that decision and possibly incurring some other Chinese official's displeasure. They will just let the bag rot in Kunming.

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