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Originally Posted by CalanMan View Post
Alas, no more. From a Feb 3, 2018 chat attempting to do just that:

Although... now that I'm re-reading both your advice and my chat transcript, I realize that perhaps I need to be asking a ViaSat rep for the exception, not a Gogo one. I'll try that next time and see if it makes any difference.
Yep, I've always received one from a Viasat rep via chat while I'm on board, although I wouldn't be surprised if Viasat discontinued issuing access codes since Alaska has chosen to go in a different direction for the unified fleet. I cancelled my Gogo monthly pass since my flying doesn't pick up until later this year, so my info is a bit dated. I also seem to have terrible luck when it comes to getting a Viasat plane vs. Gogo ATG :-/
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