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“My guess is AA trying to expel the non-targeted customers like myself by taking away miles using some absurd made-up reasons...”
Er, sorry, no. Some of us here have earned millions of miles and used or gifted them under the AAdvantage Terms and Conditions.

But AA has a very dogged and able department - the American Airlines Corporate Security, AAdvantage Fraud division (AKA "Revenue Protection Unit") that vet’s these things out. We have never had a credible report on FlyerTalk where there was no reason for an account lock, though we do have reports of their reopening accounts upon satisfactory investigation results when AAdvantage members followed their instructions and proved the miles use was actually allowed under AAdvantage Terms and Conditions, or received some satisfaction in return for complete honesty and full cooperation. We’ve also had many members unconditionally gift miles award travel to friends and family without incident.

You may want to read our existing thread, Account audit / blocked / fraud: award / miles / SWU / sale, barter, etc.. There’s some information of interest in the expandable Wikipost at the top of the page, and links to previous threads on this topic, a popular one here.

We will ultimately merge this into that existing thread on this topic. /Moderator

The FIRST email many receive is usually very explicit. The typical email from AA Corporate Security can not be addressed by calling AAdvantage Customer Service or other methods - you must reply to the email address given. It likely will look like this:

My name is Fname Lname, and I am an analyst with American Airlines. One of my responsibilities is investigating possible instances of fraud, misrepresentation, and violations of the General AAdvantage Program Conditions. Today, I’m writing you about your AAdvantage account # XXXXXXXX

We have reason to believe that the transactions listed below violate one or more of the AAdvantage program conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, prohibition of purchase, sale, or barter of mileage credit and or award tickets. As a result, American Airlines has suspended your AAdvantage membership privileges and use of AA.com® in conjunction with your account – and may terminate your account as a result of our findings. We are in the process of completing the investigation into this matter, and I would like to hear the events as they occurred from your perspective. Please respond to this message by <date> with complete and accurate information regarding the activities listed below:

<specific activity /activities in question>

Required Information:·
  • Passenger name·
  • Origin and destination cities on the travel itinerary·
  • Purchaser name (individual, company and/or website), including:·
  • Copy of any advertisements to which you responded offering to purchase/broker the use of your AAdvantage miles·
  • Purchaser contact information, such as:·
  • Mailing address·
  • Email address·
  • Telephone number·
  • Website profile name·
  • Your statement fully disclosing the details surrounding the sale/barter transaction referenced above·
  • Copy of all communication between yourself and the purchaser·
  • Documentation that you received payment
To protect and retain the integrity of the AAdvantage program, it is vital that firm action be taken as a result of any violation of the AAdvantage Program Conditions, whether intentional or not. Failure to respond completely and accurately by <insert date>, will result in the termination of your AAdvantage membership and all its benefits, including all remaining AAdvantage miles in your account and any award tickets issued from it. Please, understand that our overall motivation is to preserve the benefits of the AAdvantage program, rather than to take punitive action against individuals. To that end, it’s not unusual for us to release the AAdvantage account suspension once we receive all the detail we request and reconcile it with the results of our investigation. We hope to hear from you soon.


Fname Lname, etc.

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