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I've been following MacMyDay - seems like an extremely knowledgable individual! Sounds like he/she loves the Connaught, so I'd be interested to hear which suites are worth pursuing.
I did win brains of the year in primary school, but sadly I was 15 years old at the time.

I agree with what you're saying, that basically all basic room categories in London are not worth it. I think that is the case in most developed cities. In The Peninsula Paris, going from a Superior Suite to a Deluxe made a massive difference to the stay, and in London I think you really want to be aiming at a suite. If you want to splash the cash then there are certainly a fair few speciality suites around.

I am actually in The Connaught right now. Yes, I do love it, even if it is not perfect. Who did you ask about The Mews? They may be reserving it for repeat guest right now, so I'm sure I could ask on your behalf and see if it's genuinely available. I've not had a chance to stay in The Mews yet, but I've stayed in The Library Suite and Terrace Suite twice, and every other room at least once, including The Apartment. Out of them all, I would pick The Mews and Library Suite. The Terrace Suite just doesn't feel that luxurious, except having your own key card to access your own floor; it's not even that large when you discount the size of the terrace.

Luckily for you, I also put together this handy guide: Which room to stay in at The Connaught? ? The Good, The Bad and The Luxurious

My fiancee used to work at both The Connaught and Cafe Royal, so I know both properties rather well - particularly the behind the scenes. Cafe Royal is not even in the same league of The Connaught, and absolutely would not be considered legitimate competition - except in Cafe Royal's owners dreams. I think they are on their 3rd GM in three years, which will tell you something. The best competition to The Connaught is The Lanesborough. I've stayed in a few suites at The Lanesborough, but the decor offends my palette so much that even then I don't like them, but I still love the property.

The Beaumont's Roosevelt Suite is a great suite and one of the best in London I've stayed in.

The Bulgari has 4 Bvlgari Suites, which are really impressive.

You can go through my Flickr and find photos from a lot of London properties: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums
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