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Thank you, Obscure2k! Oddly enough, on my version of safari, the page 'navbar' at the bottom of the window did now show; I somehow stumbled upon that thread in Chrome which worked. Also, I'm not sure if it's just me, but after staying on a FT page for awhile, it 'shuts down.' The 'nerd' in me took a look and the site is throwing a few errors - on both Safari and Chrome.

Anyway, back to it. Thank you Buster and FlyerEC! I saw the Halkin but instead of going 50%, I want the best. Seems like the hotel is good but not great. It's my first time in London so I minus well do it 100%! Looks like the Connaught or the Beaumont are the frontrunners as of now. The Lanesborough, in my opinion, looks horrendous. I notice that many FT'ers cautioned booking a 'suite' since they are either smaller, on a lower level or not updated. Price aside, does anyone have any specific rooms that they have enjoyed?

Also, side note, does anyone recommend a car service in London that they have used? I'd like to get a driver for a day or two. Thanks!
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