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Originally Posted by LondonElite View Post
I'm struggling to make sense out of this. If a hotel has a cancellation policy, you calling up and telling them that your personal T&Cs don't allow this doesn't change anything. And if you need to stay in the particular hotel on Wednesday (or not at all), shifting it to the following Monday won't help you get to your meeting on Thursday.
I don't know why you chose to comment on a 4 month old comment or why you are struggling to make sense out of it.

I simply outlined a common practice used by travellers who have a hotel booking with a cancellation policy that is going to trip them up. They booked, now they need to cancel but it is within the time period that the hotel says they will charge a cancellation fee for. You call up and change the booking to a later date. There is no fee for changing a booking. Got it? Then you call back a day or two later and cancel the new booking which is still not within the cancellation period and so will not cost you anything to cancel. Got it? Or are you still struggling. Someone doesn't want to get to a meeting on Thursday, their meeting was cancelled till next Thursday or cancelled entirely. They want out of the booking but without having to pay a cancellation fee.

I personally do not accept cancellation policies other than after 6pm on the day of arrival, from a hotel. If I call to book and they tell me there is a 48 hour cancellation policy, I tell them it is not acceptable. I will only book with a after 6pm on arrival day cancellation fee. It is entirely up to them to accept 'my T&Cs' as you put it or not. I have yet to have a hotel not agree to do so.
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