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Originally Posted by JTEF1 View Post

He could not be making much on every flight. However, he does all the shopping for you and most likely has good relationships with multiple operators. If you’re satisfied with the aircraft you get, I pesonally wouldn’t wonder too much about how much you could save. A good broker will do the bargaining for you. This will save time and effort for other things going on in life.
I always saw great value in a brokers ability to find me a hidden gem that I was otherwise unable to do, especially on a one way flight. I worked with a local company, but when they didn't have a jet available the pricing either skyrocketed or I was forced to pay the same as I usually would for an inferior jet so I decided to go with brokers.

Heck, I even started this thread in hopes of finding a better broker.

Unfortunately, the greed that brokers have (generally speaking and not to offend anyone here) has lead me and many others to jump around from company to company to company in hopes of finding one who will do an honest deal.
Sometimes I win, sometimes I got screwed and don't realize until it's too late.

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