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Originally Posted by puntamita
Would be great if Starwood Lurker would investigate and confirm the information above.
I have even more information. To the original email I received, and to ensure no misunderstanding, I replied...

"XXXXXXX, thank you for clarifying. So could you please confirm, even though I earned Lifetime Platinum status under the SPG program, because I have linked my accounts, I will be grandfathered as a Lifetime Platinum Premier in the new program, not just Lifetime Platinum. It would be helpful if the Marriott members info web page were updated to reflect this, as it is not currently clear that SPG Lifetime Platinum are included in the Lifetime Platinum Premier grandfathering. Rather, it only lists Marriott Rewards and Ritz Carlton lifetime platinum members as receiving the status. All best, XXXXXXX"

And the response I received about 30 minutes ago was...


I am sorry I omitted this.

As of now, because you the SPG member has linked your accounts, you are now a Marriott Reward member.

In August your status will also be grandfathered in at Platinum Lifetime Premier.

I hope all this is a clearer picture for you.

Have a great evening.

XXXXX Platinum Desk
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