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Mike Rivers
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Links in E-Mail Don't Work in Firefox

I use Firefox (52.5.2, 64-bit) as my default web browser. When I clicked on a couple of links to forum discussions in today's dose of Flyer Talk e-mail, they opened with the Flyer Talk header and drop-down menus (News, Forum, My Flyertalk, etc.) but article linked in the e-mail didn't open. The screen was blank below the header menu bar. Links from the header work fine.

I keep a copy of Chrome handy for occurrences like this and the links from the e-mail opened as they should.

What I discovered was that the problem was caused by having Ad Blocker Plus enabled in Firefox. When I disabled it for the Flyer Talk web site, the links worked properly. I know you guys gotta make money, and I didn't start using an ad blocker until ads got too fierce and slowed down loading the content that I wanted to read. Just opening this link:

opens at least 8 ads.

I really like Firefox and really don't want to switch to Chrome, but Chrome seems to still be working normally here with only whatever attempt it makes to block ads. I don't expect you to fix anything, I just felt like grumbling about the annoyance.
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