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I have a nuanced situation, hopefully someone may be able to help. I am bolding the important parts for your convenience
I am flying Mexico - US1 - US2 on an award flight, as an EXP. Will I be able to do an SDFC or standby at the layover point? I want to SDFC the domestic leg (have an overnight layover, but there are at least 3 more desired later flights within the 24-window).

Here are my questions:
1. Does the fact that the origin is Mexico invalidate my ability to do SDFC, even though I want to SDFC the domestic leg?
2. This is on a saver award, so in order to do SDFC does it need saver availability or any award availability (I am asking this to estimate my chances).
3. I read somewhere that you cannot to SDFC for awards online, you have to call in, is this correct?

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