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Originally Posted by Randyk47 View Post

While I think TSA is going to want to see the lock box and whatís inside of it I donít think it will be an issue. I kind of wonder about carrying it in the first place. I understand your concern about securing your valuables, though I personally have had no problem, but Iím not sure exactly how you are going to secure the box once you get to your destination. ???? Years ago I had a sheriff friend do a security check of my house. I was mostly interested in how best the secure basic access to the house and quite frankly he pointed out short of living in a solid concrete house with no windows or doors there was no absolute burglary proof home. As an aside he saw my small safe and said ďThatís nice. You put all your valuables in one place for them to carry out. ď
While I have never carried a lockbox like he's talking about I have brought (checked, I doubt they would carry on) some Pac-Safe anti-theft things. They're basically a wire mesh sack (small things can go through them, they're more for locking up bigger things) but the key aspect of it is that there's a loop of the cable also--the intention is that you hook the cable over something (say, a bed frame) that will keep someone from just walking off with it. (I intended it for when we were sleeping on a train, or going out to eat when I wouldn't be carrying my DSLR. Plans got majorly changed, I never actually used them that trip.)
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