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Originally Posted by RealHJ View Post
Thanks. I have a soon upcoming short (90 min) connection OZ to KE (separate tickets) at ICN, so I've been researching the new set-up at ICN: surprisingly little info available about it online, at least when I searched in January. I did find that the satellite (or "concourse" as they misleadingly call it) is between the two terminals, so to go between T2 (DL) and T1 (GA I believe here for the OP) you take one train to "concourse," and then change to another train to the other terminal (sounds slow).

If anyone can confirm that at T1 there are KE check-in desks and vice versa (OZ ones at T2), BTW, that would be good to know for me - do I look for the transfer/check-in desk inside the secure area in the arriving terminal, or do I just show the ticket printout at security recheck and then have to get the BP in the departing terminal, then likely less than 60 min prior to departure (which will be hopefully fine, but as KE has no real functional online checkin for int'l flights, can't really do OLCI).
No KE check in at T1 (or ticket counter for that matter) same as no OZ at T2. You should be able to use a transfer desk though. I *believe* the train goes all the way through though so you don't have to switch.
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