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Originally Posted by IBJoel View Post
It's an algorithm that weighs newness, engagement, sub-forum location, and how long the thread has been on the Trending page. We obviously don't want the same handful of threads dominating the page every single day. That said, we're always looking to improve the program and I will pass along suggestions. Besides what RumPatrol said, what are some changes you'd like to see?

Oh, and I can assure you that our editors have absolutely zero in put on Trending (it's 100% computer generated), and aside from ads on the page, it is not a revenue source.
Being able to isolate the trending threads by region would be very helpful. I tend to access FT late at night US time, right now for example, and so the trending threads page ends up having a ton of British Airways sub-forum threads since it is getting to be morning over there. Not that I don't mind seeing what my friends across the pond are complaining about today but it isn't particularly helpful.

Would it be possible to combine a user's subscribed forums with the trending topics to create a sort of customized trending topics list? Or maybe a way to just opt-out of certain sub-forums and then the next trending topic from a sub-forum a user is opted in to will populate the list?
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