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Originally Posted by dulciusexasperis View Post
Can anyone tell me just how 'trending threads' are chosen to appear on that page? I see threads with 4 responses in 2 days or whatever and yet somehow they are designated as 'trending threads'. I can't see any obvious method being used to pick what is a 'trending thread'.
I've been wondering this for a while myself and even asked one of the admin about it because I felt that some threads were being buried from view while others were being "promoted" similar to Twitter trending topics. Never received a firm answer, just that some sections of the forum like Tech Support are not included in that page (ironically). That still didn't explain exactly how this list is populated.

The trending threads page is how I access FT every visit, I like being able to see what's being discussed and then use the Forum Directory on the left to open up the various sub-forums I flock to. There are some days where I'll open the trending threads page and 15 of the 25 threads are from the same sub-forum and some of those threads only have 6 or 7 replies and 200 views.

Very odd. I wish it could be customized a bit so I can see the most popular threads only in the parts of the site I tend to visit, but I'm sure that's asking a lot.
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