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new hand luggage policy

Originally Posted by fartoomanyusers View Post
most of my fellow (non priority) passengers had their wheelies tagged for the hold. but a few of us managed to avoid it.
i tested a different hand luggage type on Saturday - a reasonably large rucksack (but definitely within hand luggage size limits).

i had planned to have it on my shoulder whilst getting my boarding pass checked at the gate, but the gate agent came forward to us last few passenger (the gate area was packed out for our full flight) - and tagged the final passenger's wheely, and walked past my bag (which was almost the same size) sitting on the floor.

looking at the baggage trolley of hand luggage waiting to be loaded into the hold - there were a few non wheelies, although maybe they had been offered up by the passengers.

it does appear (at least with Luton departures) - that if you don't have a wheelie, you have a very good chance of getting your hand baggage into the cabin.
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