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Originally Posted by craz
I believe that Hilton Advance Purchase is a separate part of Hilton , I think they are (were) in Nashville. So could be Amex doesnt see it a s a hotel stay. That was the case a couple of years ago, could be outside the US it goes thru via the Hotel itself so it will post as a hotel charge rather then a HAP charge
We have a winner!!! So, after dealing with a couple of nice, though not particularly helpful Amex reps, I was told to call Hilton directly: 800-236-7113

After I explained my situation, the Hilton representative put me on hold to get some additional information and speak to one her colleagues. Advanced Purchase rates for domestic hotels are handled through a separate Hilton channel that is based out of Nashville, TN Because of this, it won't trigger the credit.

Any Advanced Purchase charges for hotels outside of the US, are handled directly through the actual property. That's why ReachMoon's Advanced Purchase for Tokyo triggered the credit and mine did not.

When I spoke to the Hilton rep, she did mention that properties have the ability to refund an advanced purchase rate and rebill it through the hotel, provided the checkout date is within 72 hours. However, she said it is at their discretion. However, she mentioned it can often be a hassle and some properties will decline.

The best way to make sure that domestic resorts are billed under the hotel directly is to book with the HONORS DISCOUNT RATE. It is a few dollars cheaper than the standard flexible rate and will be billed directly through the property and not through Nashville, TN.

Of course, if you are booking a resort outside of the US, you won't have to worry.

I'm a little disappointed that I can't get the AP rate and use the credit domestically, but at least others will know in the future. In my case, the difference between the AP rate and HONORS DISCOUNT RATE is only $20 per night. If you are going to a resort where you will use valet, spa, food and drinks, you may not have a problem either way.

From a personal standpoint, I was already planning a 4-night stay at a Chicago-area Marriott, in a couple weeks, since I had a few certificates to burn. What I'll probably do is switch two of those nights to the Hilton Oak Brook Chicago to burn up the rest of the $250 resort credit.

Last time I stayed, the hotel automatically upgraded me to a suite, gave me a couple coupons for free drinks, appetizers, or a dessert, since the executive lounge is closed on the weekends, in addition to the two breakfast vouchers and free bottled water.
Since the property wasn't busy, they weren't running their standard breakfast buffet, but they allowed me to order whatever I wanted from the restaurant menu, excluding alcohol, and it was all covered with the voucher.

Last time I stayed, they were also allowed me to purchase a $50 stay credit for $25, which basically meant more food and drinks. The $25 stay credit promotion was the one charge that was handled directly through the hotel and triggered the resort credit reimbursement. I have around $223/$250 remaining.

Anyway, I will be updating this thread in a couple weeks to advise if the HONORS DISCOUNT RATE posts directly through the hotel and triggers the remainder of my credit. Hopefully, this post is helpful to others who may have similar questions.

Thanks again to everyone that has contributed and also to ReachMoon, since it's clear that AP charges for domestic and international properties are posted differently.

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