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Originally Posted by turtim View Post
Dear all,

I am a student and I am currently working on a school project about (mainly air) travelling with babies/ toddler. Wondering if any parents here are free to answer a few questions.

1. I understand that travelling with babies/ toddler especially by plane can be exhausting and will need a lot of dedication. What usually is the reason you decide to travel with babies and put up with all the extra trouble? Usually its to see family! I have a child under 1 and we have three trips booked this year including a 17 hour flight. 2 are shorter trips to get him used to flying and the upcoming 17 hour trek.

2. What do you feel about flights? Is that the most stressful part of your entire trip? I would assume so but im of the mindset that im not going to stress. I will do my best to keep the kid calm. But im not going to freak out if he cries and worry about other passengers. Its the nature of traveling with kids and im sure at some point he will cry.

3. What methods have you tried to calm your child or to stop them from crying? (e.g. sleeping schedule, feeding milk, distraction .etc) We plan to have many toys, videos and such. using a pacifier/walking the isles will help as well. I think generally he will be fine but take off and landing are the xfactors.

4. I've seen these solutions such as sleeping pills or some parents handing out goody bag to passenger around them. What are your opinions on it? Would you consider them? If so, what do you think if the airlines do the goody bag instead? I have friends that have suggested benedryl or baby tylenol to help with ears. We will definitely consider them. Especially benedryl for the 17 hour flight. I thought about carrying one or two extra noise cancelling headphones in case of an angry neighbor.

5. If there is this product that you can let a baby suck it and reduce the crying sound to nearby passenger, what are your opinions? Will you consider using it?
That would be a pacifier. and yes this will be integral in calming him down.

Thanks a lot for reading my questions! I appreciated any reply!
Hope this helps. I have yet to travel with kids but have 3 trips booked this year starting next month so im looking forward to seeing the responses. As you can see im not stressing it to much. I will do my best to keep him calm but im not going to stress over passengers angry about when he cries. Babies cry and as long as i am doing my best to calm him, there isnt a ton else that can be done. But i know this is probably the biggest stressor for most. Right now, my biggest decision is whether i should upgrade to Business class with the kid. Im sure i will really get soem dirty looks up front.
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