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Originally Posted by jh321 View Post
Hi Madfish... apologies I'm still only just 'graduating from Primary school' as it were re ITA so I might need a bit more help.... This seems like a good suggestion but as the flight to Fort Myers and back from Cleveland both have numerous entry points I'm a bit lost on how to start. I don't mind what entry point, it just needs to be BA if I'm going to GUF. Can you give me any other suggestions... is there another way to try and seach as any routing works for me and/or at the moment. If I can find a good price and GUF that is great, although I wonder if for TPs it's better to look for Club from the start? Sorry is this too open a query?
Any use? I'm not sure how a GUF works, and whether you could or would want to use it on the WT+ leg home. Putting Helsinki in the outbound for an extra 80TP adds about 132. Outbound as it stands would be 300TP, I'm not good with WT points but I think it's 20+90+20 for the way home.

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