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I saw this post too late, all my chase credit cards were closed,expect checking account. It happened two days after I applied for the second chase card Marriott card. the reason from chase is the same as @NachoHoughton. I sent security message to chase for reinstatement my card , but USELESS. I have got only 16months credit history in US. Total 5 cards include 2 cards closed by chase.
Not enough credit info on file

The accounts on your credit report have not been open long enough
  1. Did you transfer UR points to someone with a different address? Different last name? No
  2. Did you sell UR points to someone? No
  3. Approximately what percentage of your charges earned less than 5x points in the past 12 months? 0%
  4. Did a Chase or non-Chase bank recently close one of your credit cards? No
  5. Are you using up a large percentage of your credit line on all Chase and non-Chase credit cards? No? (30% Max.)
  6. Is your total credit line with Chase much higher than with other banks? Yes (my only other credit card account is with a major US bank; 2.5k+PRG charge unlimit, very good history)
  7. Did you apply for many credit cards or other forms of credit in the past 2 months? ("Many" may be hard to define.) 2 in total; first CSP approved (2nd Marriott card approved almost instantly)
  8. If you have a Chase checking account how much did you typically deposit in money orders per month, if any?NOTHING,I use ACH
  9. Did you recently start spending a lot more with Chase than in typical months? No
  10. Is your monthly balance frequently close to your credit limit? No, never
  11. Approximately what percentage of spending was on gift cards this year? 1%. only 20 dollor ebag gift card=》2000UR USE CSP CARD
  12. How much of your bill do you typically pay using WM or KMart bill payment if any? Never
  13. Do you have a Chase mortgage or other account that might be profitable to Chase? No
  14. Has your credit score or credit profile changed recently? As in: significantly more debt, more open credit lines, or a large drop in your credit score? No

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