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I have had a bit of wry smile to this. Last night I came back from Cebu to Newcastle, very long day - first flight was at 07:00, day flight from Hong Kong, arrived a mere 20 minutes late into Newcastle, 21 hours from start to finish. On the NCL service I recognised someone from the Cebu hotel and got chatting to him. He used the same aircraft for the entire journey, in economy, his ticket was a mere 180 cheaper than my carefully purchased business class fare. He was half my age, I would guess, and he looked absolutely shattered, whereas last night I went out for a meal with friends. Could he keep this up for another 20 or 30 years? An anecdote.

The details clearly matter. If you are 25 years old, 5ft tall, 32 inch waist and using 777s to BOS then that's very different from my dimensions north of 6ft, and being a fat so-and-so with a 36 inch waist and not exactly youthful. So if someone suggests I'm travelling on a 787 to SJC (or anywhere really) then frankly I'm not doing it. OK, if you're smaller, younger and doing it for a year or two that's fine, particularly if you travel a day in advance and only travel during work days. But it's not sustainable over time or intensity.
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