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Originally Posted by Tj702 View Post
Fellow travelers,

I just tried my weekly VGC purchase at Wal Mart. The transaction went through, but was then voided for only the VGC portion. I was able to walk out with the rest of my purchase.

The receipt says that the VGC portion will be credited back to my account. Also says debit declined, reason 14, and debit not approved call authoriser.

Amex app shows the full amount pending. I called Amex and they say it went through.

I've been in the game for a year and have never seen this. Please let me know what's up.
I have had the same thing happen at a neighborhood Wal-mart. Both times it happened, it was because the cashier pressed debit after inserting card. It would let every other purchase go through besides the gift cards. I started going to the money center part now to purchase them now and haven't encountered any problems since.
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