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All Chase cards were shutdown today


So all of my chase cards (2 Biz and 6 personal including 2 new SW cards) were shutdown today. I believe this was because of 2 SW cards I applied in span of 1 week. I don't do any MS on chase cards except for Chase Ink.
My oldest card (freedom) is almost 7 years old and all other other all almost 2 years old (except for 2 new SW cards).
When spending on my new SW card, I got fraud alert, I called Chase 2 times to get that cleared. I believe that may have triggered the review. Here are further details:
  1. Did you transfer UR points to someone with a different address? Different last name?- NO
  2. Did you sell UR points to someone?- NO
  3. Approximately what percentage of your charges earned less than 5x points in the past 12 months?- 30-40%
  4. Did a Chase or non-Chase bank recently close one of your credit cards?- NO
  5. Are you using up a large percentage of your credit line on all Chase and non-Chase credit cards?- NO (not more than 20%)
  6. Is your total credit line with Chase much higher than with other banks?- Its definitely higher than other banks
  7. Did you apply for many credit cards or other forms of credit in the past 2 months? ("Many" may be hard to define.) - 2 Chase Cards
  8. If you have a Chase checking account how much did you typically deposit in money orders per month, if any?- No
  9. Did you recently start spending a lot more with Chase than in typical months?- No
  10. Is your monthly balance frequently close to your credit limit?- for 1-2 months it might have happened with Chase Ink but chase increased the limit on that.
  11. Approximately what percentage of spending was on gift cards this year? - 50% (Only on Ink), no MS on any other cards.
  12. How much of your bill do you typically pay using WM or KMart bill payment if any? - Don't do BP
  13. Do you have a Chase mortgage or other account that might be profitable to Chase? - Checking and Saving account
  14. Has your credit score or credit profile changed recently? As in: significantly more debt, more open credit lines, or a large drop in your credit score?- No
I was not able to speak with security team today as they closes at 7PM, I will tomorrow. But given the profile is there any chance of my account being re-instated. TIA.
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