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Originally Posted by Mauibaby2008 View Post

It seems this status match is super hit or miss. My
spouse is also MVP Gold 75K with AS and he only got matched to LATAM Gold. How stupid. I spent a lot of time tweeting them bugging them (mine also took a month +). Maybe try tweeting them asking for a reason? Good luck.

I already did this, and the answer was:

We're sorry for the mistake with your name, but actually your request was rejected. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We'll attentive to an further questions .Kind regards.

So this, for me, just goes to show how awful Latam is. But I am stuck with this .... airline company because they offer pretty much 5 daily flights to São Paulo. Azul offers 3 daily to VCP. That's it. It's a pitty my city doesn't have Gol flights because I would gladly fly with them instead ( I even managed to get top tier status with them for this year).
I hate them so much but I also need them, as you can see. Such a toxic relationship lol.
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