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Originally Posted by PUCCI GALORE View Post
Thank you Petrus - this is my pet peeve as well. When I was flying, I used to make myself popular by asking people to take their feet off the fittings and furniture. Nowadays no one seems to bother. One can only surmise what slobs like that do at home. I have seen people without the benefit of shoes or socks take themselves off and use the toilet. I do not care whether people have shoes or socks - I do not want to see them. As for the bare feet, that is simply disgusting. It is not a beach, it is the shared cabin of an aeroplane.

I deal with spread-everywheres, but putting my stuff on top of theirs when I need to. If they wished to take issue, they would have come to the right shop. This is how society is today, you can pay to sit in a Class when you have none yourself.
When I'm flying in F or CW, the cabin is often uncomfortably warm and one of the few options (after asking to have the temperature cooled) is to change into shorts and remove my socks. I of course would never visit the toilet without either BA's socks or my socks and shoes. Do cabin crew and others really find this offensive (my feet generally don't have an odor). If so, I would suggest that cabin temperatures be kept exceptionally cool so that no one is tempted to remove their socks.

The solution for not having people put their shoes on the bulkheads is pretty obvious... add more legroom. In general I find my shoes touch the magazine holder (e.g. the very bottom of the bulkhead) and I'm below average in height.
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