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So here is the spin and what I feel is the truth.
Now that we have seen what GG are supplying we can see that it’s the same food arranged differently on new china.
Do&Co will only be supplying the food for the LHR JFK route plus from a few outstations and this will be of a much higher quality, this wasn’t what we were told during training and speaking as crew I feel let down.
BA would say that there is more food and more choice, let’s see?
Starters are currently loaded to 100% and this will stay the same.
Salads are currently loaded to 100% and this is being reduced to 20% but will get 20% soup, BAs spin is that means that starters are being increased from 100% to 140% where actually it’s being decreased from 200%.
Main course salads have been removed and replaced but extra hot meals, no increase and still at 120%.
I have not been able to work out if we have more desserts and cheese but I’m guessing that we have.
So there you have it, less food, nicer china, better bedding and service delivery routines that doesn’t work.

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