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Question on BA vs AA & advice in Dubai flight

Hi guys

Long time lurker here, so please excuse the lengthy first post. I couldnít see an introduction thread, so a very quick intro here and then a question. I work for a software company and have a team based in Europe and the Nordics, so I fly a reasonable amount (around 50 times a year for the last couple of years). Most of these are short haul and (being a good corporate citizen!) are economy (is it Euro Traveller that BA calls this these days?!). However, through upgrading flights with Avios (and use of a BA Amex card to accumulate Avios), Iíve been Gold for the last couple of years. I do like the First Wing at Heathrow, so almost exclusively Iíll fly BA, mainly because I find T5 about as good an airport experience as Iíve found, and Iíve very rarely had any major travel disruptions. The inflight service is variable (from the superb to the frosty) but in my experience, the good outweighs the average or poor.

I rarely fly fly long haul, but will be doing so twice in the next 6-8 weeks. Firstly to Dubai, and then a second (separate) trip to San Diego. Obviously Iíd like to maximise my comfort on both trips, not least because Iím 6ft 6 tall, and planes arenít designed for people of my height! Due to duration of flights, travel policy will enable me to book World Traveller Plus (or Premium Economy) for both of these trips.

My question is this: on the last couple of trips to the US, when Iíve booked a BA flight via the BA website, Iíve ended up in the seats I booked (usually emergency exit seats in economy). However when Iíve booked AA flights, Iíve instantly been upgraded from economy to Premium Economy automatically (presumably due to Gold status?) at no extra cost. It always seemed strange that my ďhomeĒ airline never upgraded me, but a partner did, but Iíve always been very grateful and never really questioned it. Iíve no idea whether I was just lucky, or whether there is a policy in place on AA?

So, my broad question is whatís the best experience Iíll get with my status/Avios? Logically Iíd book BA WT+ and try to upgrade via Avios, but would I be better off booking AA economy (for San Diego) and hoping for an automatic upgrade? Is there any way of seeing/working out how likely that would be? If I book WT+ on BA is there any way of working out the likelihood of upgrading to Business (either paid/Avios or free)? For Dubai, would I just be better off booking another airline and sacrificing tier points (I flew there several years ago on Emirates and was impressed), or again is there a smarter way of booking on BA?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice, and apologies for all th questions on a first post - I look forward to contributing in the future.
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