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Originally Posted by RedSun View Post
Just want to hear your opinion. I booked two nights of stays at Ziva Cancun in late May. For a family of 5, I had to book two rooms. So it is 62,500 points total for each night. So I emptied all my 125,000 Hyatt points. The redemption value is about $0.016 to $0.018/pp. I tried to pay the cash ($110?) for a 10-year old. But was told that I can't mix points and cash.

Here I'm just not sure if the 12,500/person (or about $225/person) is too high at Cancun. There are various cheaper all-inclusive resorts. Then I would be spending cash $$ for those stays.
The hotel should allow you to add your child for the cash co-pay upon arrival. WoH cannot do this for you in advance.

Points values are subjective. AI values are even more subjective. That's going to be up to you what you feel is worth it. As far as AIs in Cancun, Hyatt Ziva Cancun is a beautiful resort with decent food and excellent service. Though I don't believe 2 days are enough.
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