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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
An also-ran program with mediocre properties and poor foot prints outside Northern Europe will become top 3 in 5 years plan? What did the CEO smoke?

Most of their properties in US are below standards of other chains, old and tired Radisson, and Country Inn chain does not compete to Hilton / Marriott / Sheraton / Hyatt brands of the limited service type.

Such claim almost seems like a joke because you simply could not improve your hard products in such a short time.
It depends what you mean by top 3.

Read post 1 again. The "Top 10 Largest Hotel Groups in the World by llenrock" included there has IHG at # 2, and Hyatt not even in the top 10. And # 4 is Wyndham Hotel Group.

So any ranking by number of properties, number of rooms, number of countries, etc, etc, has nothing to do with competing with brands of another hotel program. Wyndham Hotel Group has very few properties which compete with Hilton, Marriott/SPG, etc, brands, but that didn't stop it from being # 4 on this list.

And note that if the ranking were to be by number of properties, Wyndham Hotel Group would be # 1 I think with its 8000ish properties. (But lots of those are tiny motel properties with few rooms, and so Wyndham ranks lower when you count the number of rooms.)

But the CEO didn't explain by which metric his "top 3" goal was being measured, it's not clear what to compare it to. Ranking by customer reviews is completely different than ranking by properties, rooms, countries, etc.

I agree though, that I don't see any obvious metric by which it's very achievable without a merger.
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