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Originally Posted by When I Travel The World View Post
I was not sure on the work situation but looks like I can now attend YAY !!! I have an annual pass to the museam so no need to put me down for a ticket.

Also I'm a beer lover. As I have lived in Bristol for 30 years I have some experience on the Beer places. I see the pre drinks have been approached as the Watershed, Don't get me wrong, but that place is nice, but not very warm for a group of say 30 men, its a bit plain,
If the group wants to I can take you all on a mini pub crawl before dinner to some of the best places in town for beer, they are all near the steak restaurant, but might just be a bit more lively for 30 + people.

Just a suggestion, and feel free to tell me NO and shut up !!!

I offer you Beer from 18.30 - 19.30

A quick beer at Brew Dog (yes commercial, but its on route and cheap good beer)

then onto Small Bar
Small Bar

And then proceeding onto restaurant,

Let me know.
Great news that you can now attend When I Travel The World, Look forward to meeting another local Bristol FTer No issue with bringing your own ticket, thanks for letting me know so I only get tickets for those that need them. Re: Pub Crawl and local brews, a nice idea, happy for those interested to be made "Bristol fashion" before the meal if they so wish, personally, I'll still wait at the Watershed and meet anyone that is arriving late or just wants a coffee / quiet chat before we go over to SOTA and all meet up there. A great idea for those wanting to get a local pint and move about, so appreciate you offering this and hope some will PM you and take you up on the offer, however, for those that haven't been to a DO before and want a fixed meeting point that is easy to find before SOTA, I'll meet anyone else at the Watershed! I'll look to hook up with you, Dakota and anyone else local some other time and do our own mini Bristol DO if that is okay!

I'll add this option to the wiki and suggest they PM you for time and place to meet up for the mini pub crawl, please do just remember MCT (minimum conformance time) to get a hot meal at SOTA is a fixed time of 19:45!

I'll PM you my mobile number so you have it and can reach me if anything should happen on the day...I'll trust you to not Press Gang them all into some Far Eastern Airline as crew only for them to sober up and realise the dream is Ryanair enroute to ... (as Bristol was once famous for....)

Originally Posted by johnaalex View Post
I think I should be able to make this and will confirm by Sunday.
Excellent, please do let us know johnaalex, Sunday or early next week is fine! Cheers, hoping it works out.

Originally Posted by Dakota View Post
Not at all, BotB.

Schools definitely return from half-term the week before the Do (i.e. on 19th Feb). I speak as the parent of a Bristol schoolchild who will be abroad the week before, so am certain!

Thanks also for the very warm welcome upthread to your great city. Much appreciated.
Thanks Dakota , good to know! I'll try and call or stop by this weekend and see if I can speak to someone face to face and see what the real story is and if there is any chance of a guided tour. (and again, no issues with those that have their own ticket already still joining us as long as we have the minimum 20 people...but please don't get your hopes up just yet, not sure what the reason is but I've had it from two sources that no guide will be possible on that Sat. so I'll try but no guarantees!

So, we're potentially now at 31 attending, a great number but the more the merrier, anyone else care to come along to the West Country, meet some fellow travel/aviation fans and enjoy a great day? All Welcome.

Please can I remind those that are attending the evening meal that you have around 2 weeks only/still to provide your food choices to the google form (or by PM to me)...A week before the DO I need to give the completed list to SOTA and it would be great if some of you that know what you are going to have would get this sorted sooner rather than later please so I have less people to chase! Thanks in advance.
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