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Not sure if this has been posted here but:

Last year in December my wife's Delta MQD waiver balance was showing a huge discrepancy from my actual spend. I ended up figuring out that Simon Mall Purchases weren't counting towards it, similar to AMEX signup bonuses. I had enough non-Simon purchases to clear it and they posted before I had a chance to test if Simon was posting late or not at all.
<fast forward to 2018>
I made 1 Simon Mall purchase on my card and the first week of January and then sock-drawered my card to test it out.
As of today, 3 weeks after my purchase and 2 weeks after my statement closed, my 2018 MQD waiver is still showing I've spent $0.
My MilesBoost threshold bonus status on my statement however, does count the spend.

So what I've learned is 2 things:
A. It is extremely likely that Simon Mall no longer counts towards the Delta MQD Waiver.
B. The Delta MQD Waiver appears to be a litmus test for what will count towards AMEX signup bonuses, as they appear to follow the same rules.

On the off chance that something is simply off with my account, I made >$1000 in purchases in the past few days, if those end up triggering my status to update to "$3-4k" (unlikely), I will update this post.
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